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Why Kibart

Creative, Contemporary, Reliable & Sustainable MEP Solutions

This is your project, not ours.

There’s no ego here. We put you, the client, first … above all else. We engage project owners in the earliest stages of MEP system design to create buildings and facilities with the function they need—no matter how complex. At the same time, we respect the architect’s vision. In fact, architects often write us into their proposals because they know we have the experience to build smart, functional and efficient systems with an appreciation for the aesthetic.

We have the yearn to learn

If there’s something new to know about MEP design or equipment technology, we’re the first to study it. Our unyielding hunger for knowledge is fed by our structured systems of mentoring, continuing education and ongoing certifications. There’s a tight collaboration among our departments that allows us to understand how one decision (or a complex series of decisions) will affect the total design. Our yearn to learn has kept us at the forefront of green building design, LEED, building information modeling and the emergence of net-zero energy use.

Nothing is left to chance when you work with Kibart

We are extremely detailed and thorough in our construction documents. Builders and our clients tell us that they love to build our projects, because it’s all in black and white. We take this a step further by ensuring that all of the information is completely understood. How do we do this? We communicate effectively, respond quickly, and remain available to all of the project stakeholders at all times.

Ready to work together? Meet our team and see our portfolio of projects.

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