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Things to Consider Regarding Building Management Systems for Plumbing

MEP Engineering Services Baltimore, MD

The utilization of DDC and the monitoring of plumbing equipment can save the building owner money.

  • Some of the money saved could be through:
    • Lower maintenance costs.
    • Lower energy usage/cost.
    • Reduction in repair cost.
    • Reduction in occupant complaints and service calls.
  • Using Building Controls and sensors, we can:
    • Detect various hydraulic flow(s).
    • Monitor/observe temperature deviations from set points.
    • Valves can be automatically opened and closed.
    • Run time can be monitored and adjusted.
    • Time and event programs can be scheduled.
  • Information from plumbing systems can be incorporated via surface integration, i.e.: standalone systems that provide points information to the BMS or in-depth integration which can utilize system level controllers which can communicate over a common bus system from each plumbing sub-system.
  • The cost of integrating plumbing systems into the BMS must be looked at from a first cost basis vs. long term pay back. Smaller and less complex buildings may not prove to be cost effective. Although, large buildings and complex buildings, such as hospitals, labs, etc. the paybacks are more attractive.
  • The following items could be included in a Building Management System and what to monitor.
    • Acid neutralization basin –PH monitoring and alarm on High Water alarm.
    • Air compressor – Air Pressure Dryer Dew point remote alarm.
    • Water Booster Pump – Alarm annunciation discharge pressure on/off status of pump.
    • Emergency showers/Eye Washes – Water flow alarm and water temperature.
    • Freeze protection heat trace – Low-limit alarm, set point alarm annunciation.
    • Fuel Oil Pump sets – Alarm annunciation on/off status of pumps.
    • Oil tanks/piping – Alarm annunciation for spill, overflows, and leak detection.
    • Gas Meters – Alarm annunciation for low gas pressure flow in CFH.
    • Irrigation Systems – Water flow or meter monitoring.
    • Sump/Sewage Pump – High water alarm, on/off status of pump, moisture sensing probes/alarms.
    • Vacuum Pumps – Vacuum pressure (in inches of mercury), remote alarms.
    • Water Heaters – Probe (via BMS Installer) to monitor water temperatures, burner failures.
    • Water Meters – Alarm annunciation (low flow, flow in gallons per day).
    • Pure Water Systems – Alarm annunciation Resistivity monitor.

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