Wake Forest Biotech Place


Project Details




502,000 Sq Ft

Kibart provided for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing engineering for a new 242,000 SF high tech lab & office facility designed for LEED Gold Certification for energy efficiency.  Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) Lab functions included tissue culture, molecular biology and animal vivarium spaces, in accordance with the “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals”, published by the National Research Council.  Design provided for all major building systems including the following:

  • New water and fire service.
  • High Rise Building Design.
  • Fire protection and alarm/detection systems, sprinkler system, and fire pump sized to serve four standpipes.
  • The 3-story atrium smoke evacuation system is served by an exhaust duct wrapped around the perimeter of the 140’ x 48’ atrium skylight and 3 exhaust fans equally spaced apart.  The atrium was provided with a laser particle detection system for activation of the fire protection system.
  • Two, high-efficiency 1000 ton and one, high-efficiency 275 ton water cooled chillers and matching cooling towers were provided.
  • Nine high-efficiency pulse modulation condensing 2,000 MBH Boilers are provided with the Core and Shell.
  • Five (5) high efficiency 23,000 CFM, 7 high efficiency 27,000 CFM, and 2 high efficiency 50,000 CFM central station air handling units were provided.
  • Each air handling unit was provided with 95% air filters, variable frequency fan drives.
  • The 5 high efficiency 23,000 CFM and 7 high efficiency 27,000 CFM Air Handling Units are provided with dual wheel energy recovery and humidity control.
  • The 2 high efficiency 50,000 CFM Air Handling Units are for use in the Vivarium.
  • The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system utilities is both Chilled Beams or Fan Coil Units for space load conditioning, depending on the application.
  • The building automation system will provide supervision, feedback, control, and adjustments to the multiple components of the systems to provide the optimum level of thermal comfort, efficiency, and indoor environmental air quality.

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