Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Services

McCormick & Company

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing design for the renovation and expansion of several research and development facilities, including the following:

  • Flavor Cell Facility:  Mechanical, sprinkler and electrical systems upgrades, including the following:
    • Roof-top units for large meeting room and offices considering partial occupancy of the facility.
    • Unit heaters for the warehouse.
    • Wet System Sprinkler for both office and warehouse with FM Global, designed to met the very stringent requirement due to storage of commodity as well as height of the building.
    • Efficient high bay fluorescent fixtures in the warehouse, as well as advanced occupancy sensors to reduce energy usage while maintaining a safe working environment.
    • Flexible dimming system in the Training Room
    • Fire Alarm System
  • 89,000 SF, 4 story Flavor Group Research and Development Laboratory
  • 70,000 SF North Building Research & Development Facility
  • 116,250 SF warehouse/distribution Expansion
  • 27,400 SF, 1 story Research & Development Facility
  • 4,000 SF Culinary Center including demonstration table in theater atmosphere and upscale conference / dining facility.
  • Food Service Pilot Plant / Research and Development Pilot Plant
  • Sensory Science Center, including virtual reality testing suites

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