Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Services

Ciena Corporation

Ciena Corporation is a fiber optic research and development operation in search of methods for increasing the capacity and speed of transmission systems for telecommunications—designs, manufactures and markets dense-wavelength multiplexing systems for long distance fiber optic telecommunications networks. Kibart has provided mechanical and electrical master planning, design and construction administration for:

  • Original 48,000 SF facility, for long term manufacturing use
  • 72,000 SF corporate headquarters facility.
  • 58,000 SF operations center headquarters facility, including pilot manufacturing areas and engineering testing laboratories.
  • 63,000 SF testing laboratories and training facility
  • 34,000 SF industrial warehouse facility, including 17,500 SF of office support space and manufacturing.
  • 92,000 SF manufacturing plant in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Design features:

  • Clean Room Construction (Class 100 through 10,000)
  • Humidity Controls
  • Redundant HVAC
  • Specialty Gases Piping Design
  • High Efficient Air Filtration
  • High Purity Process Water Supply
  • Central UPS
  • Isolated and Static Grounding
  • Dual Primary Electric Services with Automatic Transfer
  • Emergency Generator
  • Fire Alarm and Access Control

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