Healthcare Engineering Services

Mercy Medical Center

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design Services for the Mercy Medical Center, McAuley Tower Medical Office Building Renovation to six floors of medical and office build outs (72,000 SF total).

Mechanical Design:

  • The HVAC system is based on a variable air volume (VAV) system with chilled and hot water using a central AHU system serving multiple floors.   Server rooms served by dedicated VAV boxes.
  • Detailed load calculations and analysis were performed to meet the requirements of the IECC, as well as capacity of existing infrastructure of the building.
  • Detailed coordination with new architectural layout and existing structural system resulted in a very creative duct and hydronic piping layout for aesthetic presentation of each floor.
  • New DDC energy management control system has been designed and implemented throughout the facility and has been instrumental for proper TAB and Commissioning of the entire system.
  • Low flow with automatic sensors were utilized where applicable for plumbing system for conservation of water system.
  • The sprinkler system of the entire project area was modified to meet the latest NFPA Code while meeting the aesthetic requirements of each space

Electrical Design:

  • The building is designed with normal and emergency power distribution systems installed through vertically stacked electric rooms on each floor.
  • Efficient lighting fixtures & design provides for illumination levels per IESNA, while falling under the power density limits of ASHRAE 90.1.
  • Automatic lighting controls are based on client needs and requirements of IECC ASHRAE 90.1 using occupancy based sensing/control.
  • Emergency lighting is provided from the building emergency power system for exit and egress path lighting of 1 footcandle throughout.
  • Power was provided for multiple floors of tenant fit out, with receptacle circuits and dedicated equipment circuits are provided from panels on each floor.
  • Power and low voltage connections are provided to modular office furniture panels throughout the tenant spaces.
  • Low voltage connection boxes are provided for voice/data jacks, TV, etc.
  • Each floor was fit out sequentially, expanding a new addressable fire alarm system, which included strobes, voice evac speakers and limited automatic detection on all floors.



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