Why Kibart

Maryland Solar, LLC

Kibart served as the design Engineer of Record for a 21 MWac ground-mounted Photovoltaic generation system in Hagerstown, Maryland. This project included design and construction phase services for a PV grid-tie generation system:

  • 200 acres of photovoltaic panel fields
  • 332,000 individual PV panels
  • 34.5kV medium voltage AC collector system
  • 27 custom wound 800kVA 360VAC-35kV transformers to convert the inverter outputs
  •  5 miles of underground MV cables
  • Medium Voltage substation for protection, metering, and interface with the local utility (First Energy)
  • 34.5 kV substation included design for utility poles, insulators, aerial conductors, lightning protection & grounding, MV switching and fusing, MV breaker and metering.

Kibart also provided NEC Code compliance verification and quality/constructability review of the entire DC system:

  • DC conductor calculations
  • DC array ampacity and overvoltage levels
  • DC ombiner system fusing and protection levels
  • Inverter input/output cable sizing/selections
  • NEC compliance verification
  • Constructability and VE reviews for cost savings.

Kibart employed a structural engineer as part of our effort for design of the transformer/inverter pads, substation equipment foundations and footing designs for the miles of perimeter fencing installed.

During construction, Kibart provided product submittal reviews, addressed contractor RFI’s and provided a final As-Built certification inspection of the power system.

This project utilized a Design-Procure-Construct method, with First Solar/Belectric, Inc. of San Francisco, CA for Constellation Energy. The project was fast track, with the system fully operational by Dec 31, 2012, less than 8 months after the start of our design effort.  Overall project cost was approximately $75,000,000.

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