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MCTC – Bed Housing Unit

Correctional Facility 653×390

Project Details




53,000 Sq Ft

This project includes major expansion and renovation to the Maryland Correctional Training Center in Hagerstown Maryland. The project consists of renovating two existing buildings, adding three (3) new buildings, a new sally port, and addressing site security.  The renovated buildings serve as a Brush and Carton Manufacturing Facility and the other was converted into an educational facility.  The project also included expansion of the Commissary, a new Medical Unit, and included construction of new 192 Bed Housing Unit.

Design included:

  • Renovation and replacement of the heating and ventilating units serving the shop and classroom buildings.
  • Year-round ventilation of the Housing Unit via a central air handling unit with heat recovery.
  • Baseboard heating for each cell in the Housing Unit, coordinated with security windows.
  • Summer ventilation for the Housing Unit included a series of exhaust fans with appropriate controls.
  • The offices and control room in the Housing Unit are served by separate split DX air conditioning units.
  • HVAC system for the Medical Unit via a roof top Dx and variable air volume control.
  • Split DX system is chosen for Commissary and classrooms as well as offices in the renovated buildings.
  • The HVAC control includes a full DDC system for the entire project and integrated into MCTC Facility Department Head End System.
  • New underground medium voltage distribution transformers and switchgear.
  • Emergency diesel generators for 100% emergency back-up.
  • Electrical distribution systems in new buildings including switchgear, UPS units, and emergency power.
  • Fire alarm systems with campus monitoring, integrated into MCTC Facility Department Head End System.
  • Interior and exterior lighting systems.
  • Lightning Protection System.
  • Power systems for sallyport, control rooms, guard posts, etc.
  • Maximum security, detention-grade fixtures and equipment.

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