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HABC Latrobe Homes

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Project Details




570,000 SF

As Prime Consultant, Kibart’s scope of work included Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Architectural, Structural, and Civil design, Hazmat and Geo-technical evaluations, cost estimating and construction administration services for the replacement of the existing heating system at HABC’s Latrobe Homes, a public housing development originally constructed in 1942. Latrobe Homes is comprised of approximately 570,000 SF of living space (45 apartment buildings), as well as a separate Administrative Building and Day Care Center.

Engineering Design Services included the following:

  • Convert existing campus wide steam heating distribution system to a new campus heating water system.
  • Removal of existing abandoned steam piping and equipment in the Central Plant to accommodate placement of new heat exchangers, central distribution pumps, etc.
  • New heating water distribution system consists of a campus variable/primary pumping system.  Three (3) 50 HP primary loop pumps serve the campus.
  • Design included new floor and wall mounted radiators w/ individual controls, variable volume building distribution pumps and associated tertiary distribution piping/valving.
  • Replacement of the existing underground domestic cold, hot and hot water re-circulating distribution system serving the entire campus.
  • Installation of six (6) new decentralized domestic water heater systems each consisting of a heating water to domestic hot water heat exchanger, storage tanks, circulating pump, etc.
  • Bacnet automated control system integrated into HABC Headquarters Central Command Center..
  • Relocation of existing underground site utilities to accommodate the new work.
  • Interior apartment renovations, bulkheads, wall repairs, floor repairs, finish upgrades, etc. to accommodate new heating system upgrades.
  • Electrical power and lighting at all buildings to accommodate mechanical work.
  • Hazmat Abatement.

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