Shepherd University

Johns Hopkins University

Project Details




134,000 SF

SAIS is a leading graduate school of international affairs, founded in 1943 and has been part of the Johns Hopkins University since 1950.  This project included HVAC systemic renovations to the Nitze and Rome Buildings, each ±67,000 SF.

Kibart’s design was phased such that each building remained open throughout the entire renovation process.

Design features include:

  • Replacement of central chilled water plant including a new cooling tower, new frictionless chiller, and pumps.
  • Replacement of central heating water plant including new pulse combustion condensing boilers and pumps.
  • Replacement of central station air handling units.
  • New Energy Management System for the entire project.
  • Life safety upgrades including fire standpipes and fire pump system.
  • Removal of existing fuel oil tank and design of new natural gas distribution system.
  • Classroom technology upgrades including integrated voice/data, audio/video, and controls.
  • New emergency generator.
  • New addressable fire alarm system and firemen’s communication system.
  • Lighting and power upgrades throughout.
  • Replacement of roof.

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