Kibart provided energy modeling, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection design, construction administration and commissioning services for the renovation of an early twentieth century movie theater into office space that offers sophisticated, high-tech offices for Aeroterm, one of the world’s leading airport providers, specializing in the development, acquisition, financing, construction, leasing and management of airport properties.

Space in this LEED Gold Certified facility includes:

  • Offices / Open plan workstations
  • Kitchen and Dining area
  • Conference rooms
  • And other Amenities

Design included:

  • The 1st floor HVAC system was completely replaced with a more energy efficient system. The HVAC system was replaced with a high efficient 12.6 EER VAV heat pump with auxiliary heat and economizer controls. VAV boxes with electric coils  adjust to space loads to maintain space temperature.
  • The existing second floor HVAC system consists of a DX cooling/gas heating roof top air handling unit with VVT controls. The associated VVT boxes include programmable controls.
  • The perimeter stairs are provided with high efficiency 18 EER heat pumps.
  • The plumbing systems include all low flow plumbing fixtures. The water closets are 1.28 GPF tank type. Pint urinals flush at 0.5 GPF. Lavatory faucets operate at 1.5 GPM.
  • Instantaneous water heaters provide domestic hot water throughout the space.
  • Highly efficient LED and fluorescent fixtures were provided. The lighting is controlled by vacancy sensors. In addition, the lighting in the open office areas will use photocells as part of a daylight harvesting system, to take full advantage of the windows. The combination of efficient fixtures and advanced controls allow us to beat IECC 2012 lighting power levels by over 40%.
  • Site lighting was also upgraded to LED fixtures. These fixtures were mounted on the building, utilizing different distributions patterns to provide proper light levels while minimizing light trespass. Site lighting is controlled by a combination of a time clock and photocells, to allow the lights to be turned off when not necessary.


Aeroterm LEED Facts for LEED BD+C: New Construction (v 2009) Awarded Gold July 2015

  • Sustainable Sites:  19 Points out of 26 Possible Points
  • Water Efficiency:  4 Points out of 10 Possible Points
  • Energy and Atmosphere:  25 Points out of 35 Possible Points
  • Material and Resources:  5 Points out of 14 Possible Points
  • Indoor Environmental Quality:  3 Points out of 15 Possible Points
  • Innovation:  2 Points out of 6 Possible Points
  • Regional Priority Credits:  3 Points out of 4 Possible Points

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