Many of our projects involve mechanical systemic renovation of central utility plants or buildings. You could say we’re battle-tested and a bit skeptical, leading us straight into the field instead of relying on existing building drawings. We do a field survey with the most advanced tools available, assess the real-world conditions and then update the drawings. The result? Fewer problems now and in the future, and fewer change orders during renovation.

In new construction, we pull together the right team of experts from the different engineering disciplines. We’re especially sensitive to time constraints, which lead us to develop an expedited process for environmental permitting. We submit the environmental permits early in the design phase, even before the construction documents are created. By the time the construction documents are finished, we have approved permits in hand. Project owners are able to go to bid right away, and avoid delays in construction kick-off.

Our electrical utility designs encompass power distribution systems both within buildings and across large campuses. Kibart sees each project as an opportunity to best serve our clients—whether it is a small overhead power extension or a large 20MW photovoltaic generating station spread over 250 acres. We explore all possible design avenues before selecting the best approach.

Our experience includes:

  • Medium-voltage power distribution, switch gear and transformers (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • 600-volt power distribution
  • Overhead and underground utilities
  • Campus low-voltage systems including voice and data
  • Photovoltaic plant generation systems (roof and ground mounted)

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Featured Utility/Infrastructure Projects

  • HABC Latrobe Homes Heating System

    HABC Latrobe Homes

  • Maryland Correctional Training Center, Steam Distribution System

    MCTC – Steam Distribution System

  • Maryland Solar, LLC

    Maryland Solar, LLC

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