Mechanical Engineering

Functional, Efficient & Maintainable

It sounds easy, but building a comprehensive and compatible series of MEP systems takes experience, forethought and tight collaboration. Project owners and architects bring us in at the earliest stage of design for our insights. Together, we determine the most ideal way to meet the functional objectives of the building, or series of buildings, while honoring the vision of the architect and project owner.

Our designs can be creative, but the process for getting there is concrete. The advantage is our ability to start jobs at the schematic level: gather data, formulate an idea, develop a preliminary design, model it, test it, and then make adjustments. Months into a project, our cost estimates, loads, and space requirements are minimally different from what we expected them to be in the early design stages. We can accurately calculate future load growth and make accommodations for future expansions.

We stay at the forefront of technology and new equipment, not just in theory, but in the field. Our mechanical engineers collaborate with our commissioning engineers to gain a full understanding of the impact of their designs. As a result, Kibart’s designs provide a comfortable place to live, learn, and work which are easy to maintain and energy efficient.

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Featured Mechanical Engineering Projects

  • HABC Latrobe Homes Heating System

    HABC Latrobe Homes

  • Maryland Correctional Training Center, Steam Distribution System

    MCTC – Steam Distribution System

  • Loch Raven High School

    Loch Raven High

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