LEED-Certified Design

We maximize the LEED credits for the categories where our work qualifies, budgeting wisely for the systems that best achieve the highest level of certification.

With new construction, we don’t over-design. Our LEED-accredited engineers pursue only the credits with the most value and benefit for an MEP system’s reliability, efficiency and long-term costs. That’s our philosophy for commissioning as well. About 75 percent of our commissioning jobs are performed with LEED certification as the goal, and we’re just as practical and realistic in what we endorse.

Our long-time experience with LEED allows us to provide just the right information that the U.S. Green Building Council is looking for to approve your application. We know what it takes to achieve the credits we are seeking, without considerable feedback from the reviewers at USGBC or a rejection of credits. The process keeps moving forward—without hassles, without delays. There is no LEED project too complex for us to handle.

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Featured LEED-Certified Design Projects

  • Engineering Services for Science and Technology

    Wake Forest Biotech Place

  • Wake Forest Innovation Quarter North and South

    Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

  • Knorr Brake Company

    Knorr Brake Company

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