Red Pump Elementary School

R. Michael Ford

Vice President

Mike has the knowledge and the drive to do whatever it takes to see that a project is completed correctly, on budget and on time. His 20 years of experience in the construction industry has made sure of that. From picking up a blow torch and showing someone how it needs to be done, to implementing the design of a computer-based wireless documentation system for commissioning that saves countless hours and increases accuracy, Mike’s the man.

He thrives on being the go-to guy—someone clients can count on completely. It doesn’t matter to him who a problem “belongs” to. Mike and the entire team at Kibart work collaboratively with each other and their clients to make it right. When it comes to the team, Mike pushes everyone to think a bit harder and to think differently, but never to lose sight of the ultimate goal of efficient and sustainable MEP systems that are built as they were designed.

As the principal in charge of construction administration and commissioning, Mike oversees the construction management of all projects: reviewing bids, preparing estimates, performing field inspections, evaluating contractors change-order requests, reviewing construction schedules, and more. On the commissioning side, he manages the workflow of the team and brings his hands-on knowledge to the site. “If Mike can’t fix it, then it ain’t broke,” colleagues say.

The quality of the competition among MEP engineering firms is going to be greater, because the market weeded out those less qualified when the economy took a dip several years ago. Since then, project owners have learned a tough lesson about trying to save money by accepting the lowest bid. Consequently, they are now considering firm’s quality of work and reputation along with pricing when awarding projects. Kibart is prepared for that. With hard work, adaptation and innovation, Kibart has stayed on top of its game through the rough patch. And, as the market improves, we have the expertise and dedication to bring value to a project better than anyone.

In 1992, Mike joined Kibart as a cost estimator and construction administrator. He advanced to the role of vice president when he and Ed Abbott, David Fuller and Farshad Kassiri purchased the company from its original owners in 2001. Mike is a registered Baltimore County Journeyman Plumber Gas Fitter (License #2402), with a number of professional affiliations.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • Chesapeake Area Society of Healthcare Engineering

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