Cooling Tower Tips

  • Coordinate heat trace locations with the electrical designer for cooling towers and their associated piping. Coordinate which Division 16 to specify the heat trace.
  • Verify if sump heaters require separate power connections. Verify whether these connections are independent or thru the tower’s control panel?
  • Coordinate power to the cold water make-up fill solenoid valve—will the connection be through the tower control panel or a separate 120V circuit?
  • Coordinate tower fan motors with the electrical designer. When there are multiple motors—we must verify if they all will be operating simultaneously. That information is critical to our Electrical counterparts.
  • Coordinate motor starters and VFD requirements with the Electrical Designer. Verify whether starters are by: electrical, mechanical or integral to the tower.
  • Always coordinate support of tower with the Structural Engineer. The Structural Engineer will need the tower weight and dimensions in order to design the required tonnage.
  • The Architect will need to be coordinate with regarding the location of the tower, as they will be concerned with aesthetics.

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