Email Etiquette: Subject Lines

E-mails are the most common form of communication in business. They are our daily record of the tasks at hand.  We open them, read them, save them, flag them, delete them, etc. all day long.  (more…)

Designing a Tenant Fit-Out

Things to consider when designing a Tenant Fit-Out:

  • It is critical to verify: existing ductwork, air device sizes and locations, duct elevations, and duct locations.
  • If a hydronic system; you must determine existing pipe sizes, valve locations, pipe locations, pipe inverts, etc.
  • (more…)

Value Engineering

VALUE ENGINEERING (VE) can be a saving grace for many budgets and projects. When conducting VE on a project, it is important to ensure that the impact of the removed or substituted equipment is fully understood by all project team members. (more…)